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In the past decade, disruptive innovations and the extensive usage of Internet have generated huge amount of data that we come to know as big data. This data is raw and does not have much use unless we find the way process and examine those data to draw insights and information that are contained in it. To do this, we need to develop technologies and techniques for analyze this huge amount of data. Also, we as users have experienced countless disruptive innovations and technologies in the last decade that have changed the way we live in every way. From the way communicate, the way we learn, even the way we do our jobs in various fields.

PT. Duta Data Teknologi (Dutatech) is a Tech Company that focuses on developing disruptive innovations. Our core competencies are including years of experiences in Big Data & Natural Language Processing. Now we are planning to use the knowledge and experience we have gathered to create disruptive innovations and technologies that we hope could help business entities, the governments, and various institutions to take advantage of Big Data, while at the same time aims to become one of the key players in creating the disruptive innovations.

Vision and Mission

We have a Vision to be the leading company in E-Business, Big Data Analytics and Natural Language Processing that we plan to achieve by delivering innovative and reliable products with qualities that could fulfill market needs, demands, and expectation.
With the clear vision of where we are going, we also embark on a mission to create prestigious digital inventions and technologies that are driven by systematic researches and developments.

We promise to put our best effort in improving every aspect of our company, including every products and technologies which in return could help our clients find solutions for their problems, if not being the solution itself.

Our Products and Services

Duta Data Teknologi has some products that have been used by some of our customers. Media Analytics, Business Applications, and Job Match Making

Media Analytics

Introducing the first intuitive media monitoring based on Data Mining Technology

Business Application

Introducing an easy way to transaction and monitoring for every needs of your business

Job Match Making

The best way to find the best fitting job or employee for you

Ameera Business Application

Ameera is an E-Business system that caters the need of Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises(MSMEs). MSMEs have many things to manage in their daily business that takes too much of their time. With that in mind, Ameera is developed with the main purpose to help those MSMEs in increasing the efficiency of managing their business including properly record their daily transactions, provide good financial records, and even give insights that are useful for their business.

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Ameera Business Application
Tirto Media Monitoring

Tirto Media Monitoring

Tirto is a media monitoring system with the ability to gather news from various online media outlets, process them, and draw useful insights that are important in data driven decision making and planning. With features such as Time series analysis, Sentiment analysis, Cluster analysis, and other complementary features Tirto Media Monitoring is the right tool for media monitoring solution.

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KanoJob is a job market platform that provides an intuitive matchmaking system to connects employees and employers based on skills, Experiences, and requirements from both sides, on the top of conventional features offered by other job market platforms. in addition to that, Kanojob is also enhanced with innovative feature such as AI based recommendation for online courses and training for the employees, video interview capability, and networking platform for project based job seekers.

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